How to disinfect your desk and save your sanity

How to disinfect your desk and save your sanity

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With the current situation everything we thought we knew about working and cleaning is out the window. Unless you were already really focused on keeping things clean, you are probably in a whole new world trying to keep your office and home disinfected. Nevermind having to work from home for possibly the first time ever.

If you, like me, have found yourself suddenly spending more time working from home, this is definitely the post for you! In addition to frequent hand washing, disinfecting your work space can help keep you in good health.  Having a basic idea of what helps you stay calm and focused can help as well! 

After working remotely for ten years, I have a few things to share regarding working from home. The following information will focus on cleaning (this was researched to follow current guidelines) and how to stay on track with your work without losing your sanity. A “how to survive your small humans while working from home” article will be coming soon.

Let’s get cleaning

Desks and chairs can be disinfected with standard cleaning wipes.  Make sure you move things and clean under them (side-eye) and hit high traffic areas, like the arms on your chair or things you touch often.  For electronics, there are a few basic steps to follow.

Step 1: Unplug! Remove the battery for extra safety if it’s a laptop. 

Step 1.5 (Optional): Use compressed air to carefully blow out dust and crumbs

Step 2: Use a disinfectant wipe to carefully clean all surfaces

Step 2.5: This probably goes without saying, but always better safe, than sorry, right? Make sure your wipes aren’t sopping wet, you’ll be using them on electronics and electronics like to stay dry.

Step 3: Let dry! 

Step 4: Plug in and work away!

The research agrees that using wipes can keep germs at bay for 48 hours. But also, WASH YOUR HANDS especially if you share a working space with other folks.

Don’t lose your sanity

Sanity will be a little more difficult because what each of us needs varies. But we all share some basics, and those we can figure out together. Here are a few things to keep in mind and work on each day.

Movement: When was the last time you stood up or moved your body?

Sunlight: Even though in Western PA we sometimes question if it exists, it’s there and it can help.  

Food: Did you eat? Real food? And drink the splishy splashy? 

Routine: Most people find sticking with a basic routine helps them be the most productive.  Having set times for mental breaks, nourishment and movement can help. 

Interaction with people: We’ve got this covered! The cowork has a built-in virtual option.  Just because we are practicing social distancing, we can still connect with folks with online interactions. 

At the Cowork, we use zoom meetings, and with the current recommendations for avoiding crowds and working from home, we have weekly opportunities to connect via zoom! We also have a Slack channel, which is a communication tool that allows us to connect with each other immediately and without the distractions of Facebook.

If you are looking for ways to stay connected in a community that gets you, the Nomad level for ConnectWork on Main may be just what you are looking for. With it you have access to the Slack channel and all virtual events we host. In the coming weeks there will be more lunch-and-learns and training sessions dedicated to improving your remote working experience.

Not ready to jump in? No problem. We will be hosting Open House virtual coworking sessions for the next few weeks and you can get to know the community that way. Feel free to take advantage of the human interaction 😛 See you soon!

Obligatory Disclaimer: Nothing in this article constitutes as health advice. Please consult the appropriate channels for help.