Create your Compelling Customer Journey Workshop Series

Create your Compelling Customer Journey Workshop Series

Create your Compelling Customer Journey

Once upon a time, Gael (me), hosted monthly workshops. We’re talking 2016-2017. Courtesy of the way, way back machine I’m bringing them back. I’ve learned so much since I agreed to do that first workshop on MailChimp. So. Many. Things. I’m excited to be bringing them back with a newfound focus and intention with the structure. You don’t know what you don’t know and I didn’t know a whole lot when I first started these.

You must be feeling totally confident that I know what I’m talking about, right? I totally do, I swear. And here’s the part where I tell you all the things and I quit talking all about me.

What is the Create your Compelling Customer Journey Workshop Series?

Three part series designed to create your compelling customer journey and get you ready to delegate effectively.

If your leads have ever gotten lost in the online weeds, then this is for you. 

Over the next 90 days you can 

  • craft and curate your branding & media assets
  • create content & plan your content calendar
  • project manage yourself & delegate

Jump in for one or all three workshops. Each one stands on it’s own with easy to implement strategies and tactics.

First up… Branding & Media Assets

On July 11, 2020, a group of epic humans will get together and learn about creating a compelling customer journey through their branding and media assets. Will you be among them? I sincerely hope so.

Even if you think you have everything under control (awesome!) there will be something new to chew on and implement if it’s right for your brand. 

Check out the video a quick overview of what to expect 😜

What’s in it for You

Take time out of your Saturday to focus on your customer journey so that your leads know exactly where they are every step of the way and get comfortable in your world so that when they finally decide to buy, it’s not even a decision it’s a duh moment.

It shouldn’t be hard for someone to say yes to you and your offer. How your future client feels when they are in the discovery phase of everything you, makes all the difference. You can influence how they feel by creating a cohesive and  compelling customer journey.

Warm and fuzzy and comfy means they will feel safe and ready to commit with a resounding YES

Never again ask…

  • What was that color code again?
  • What was the name of that font?
  • Hey so-so do you remember what we did with that thing?
  • What did we do on Facebook? How do we make it look like that on Insta?
  • Why doesn’t the website match our Facebook Page?

Know Exactly…

  • How your lead will feel when they make it to your buy button
  • What they are referring to when they say they saw that thing on your Facebook page
  • What the client facing journey looks like to troubleshoot problems more quickly
  • Where to focus your time and energy to improve your bottom line

What’s Gonna Happen

We’re gonna get jiggy with it… 🤣

Seriously though, we are diving head first into the world of branding and creating a cohesive compelling customer journey. 

First up is taking a look at everything you have going on already. This means

  • reviewing your branding assets (logo, colors, fonts, branded images)
  • brainstorming what you want your leads to see, feel, do
  • walking your own client journey to see what it looks and feels like

From there we will

  • identify what’s missing
  • make a plan for how to get it completed
  • decide on your next steps

For the Bonus Round

  • create your very own brand guide & media kit

There will be built in time for you to ask all of the questions and get the answers you need to move forward.

That’s everything we are doing on Saturday July 11th!

Still not sure? Check out the full info here where I share the bonus I’ve included just to be sure you will have everything you need…

I sincerely hope to see you in *gasp*, just over a week!