Apple vs Android – Why Does it Matter?

Apple vs Android – Why Does it Matter?

Short version? It probably doesn’t in the big picture. However, when you are battling against a brandy new platform or tool you just bought into and you just can’t get it to work the way you want it to, this is when it matters. We are all wired a little differently. It’s what makes the world go round. But, apples and androids have a few distinct characteristics that can make or break them if they are trying to utilize a tool or platform that isn’t compatible with the way they think.

How do I know this?

I have lots of empirical data gathered over the last decade to unequivocally prove my hypothesis. Nope. Not really. I just wanted to use “ unequivocally” in a sentence. Did you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed including it? I hope so! 😛

Ok, back to the “how do I know”. I’ve had this theory for a while, but don’t have a great scientific way to prove it. Mostly I have collections of conversations and personal experience with various clients who I have tested this theory with.

What I know for sure…

Being an apple or an android, for the most part, does impact which online tools and platforms you are most likely to choose and ultimately enjoy using. This means that you are more likely to successfully implement tools that are aligned with the way androids and apples are developed, set up, organized, and consumed.

Why does it matter?

Your success as an entrepreneur, remote worker, and professional is dependent on how effectively, efficiently, and dare I say joyfully you are able to work. Taking a few moments to identify which tools would support you best in your work are moments well spent. 

Spending some time in your local coworking space are also moments well spent. A coworking space can help provide a quiet and productive place to work, a community that wants you to succeed, and access to people who can help you be more efficient and joyful in your work.

Where do you go from here?

THE QUIZ – This is a fun, silly, yet effective quiz to help you determine if I’m right about your device of choice. Let me know how I did!